What is VoIP and how does it work for business?

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VoIP technology enables traditional telephone services to operate over computer networks. Today you can make phone calls anytime, anywhere using an Internet-connected computer, a headset, and voice over IP (VoIP).

VoIP is the technology that converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices. Simply put, its phone service delivered over the internet.

How is VoIP useful?

VoIP can turn a standard Internet connection into a way to make local, national and calls to mobiles at no cost depending on which plan you choose.

Because VoIP uses the internet as a pathway for your communication, rather than the cables previously used on the old network, line rental is the first place you are going to see savings.

VoIP is also a lot easier to scale up or down, and most of the changes you’d be likely to make such as adding a new user in the office can be made remotely by your provider.

How VoIP works for business

In Australia, the public switch telephone network (old copper wiring) is being phased out and replaced by the NBN – which means VoIP is soon going to be the main telecommunications protocol nation-wide.

While it is an excellent reason to switch your services to VoIP, more and more Australian businesses are doing so because of the low price and greater flexibility it offers.

The key to being ready for VoIP – and the NBN in general – is to look for a provider who you can trust. CCTS IT & Telecommunications has been supporting local Central Coast businesses for decades across a wide range of industries and disciplines including local and state government, manufacturing, healthcare and marine to name a few.

CCTS offers VoIP Phone Solutions that are:

User friendly – Phone interfaces are easy to use and don’t require extensive training

Packed with features – In addition to phone calls, you’ll also receive unlimited text messages, instant messaging services and video conferencing capabilities

Cost effective– No minute’s restrictions or international fees allows your company to save money each month

Convenient – Receive calls anywhere via laptop or any internet-enable device

Crystal Clear – Call quality matches what you’ve come to expect from landline phones

With a VoIP Phone Solution from CCTS, we will provide full installation and support for your system when it’s convenient for you. Try getting that from large phone companies!

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For more information about VoIP please call 1800 244 244 or email infotel@ccts.com.au

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