Tips to Motivate Employees Over the Holiday Season!

motivate employees this christmas
Employees over the holiday season.

Yes, you read right, it’s that time of year already! The holiday season has once again snuck up on us and no, once again we’re not prepared for the chaos it comes with. 

The workplace is a busy environment and with festivities and fun happening outside of work it’s hard for just about anyone to stay 100% focused. 

Don’t stress, because we’ve put together some useful tips to motivate employees over the holiday season!

Acknowledge the season – Dependant on the field of work, the holiday season changes many aspects of day to day tasks, KPI’s, goals and objectives, causing higher levels of stress and anxiety amongst employees. 

There is nothing worse than an employer who refuses to acknowledge the change in season, carrying on with expectations unchanged from the rest of the work year. By simply acknowledging that working conditions are tougher than usual makes a huge difference and shows employees you understand unique circumstances, that can affect usual success rates and procedures.

Join the festivities – Make the work place an enjoyable place to be! Bringing a small part of the festivities into the workplace can lighten the mood, inspire motivation, and put a smile on everyone’s face. Putting up a small decoration, running friendly holiday competitions or hosting small in work fun activities, can change the atmosphere from negative to positive!

Show gratitude – Don’t be the boss that’s never satisfied! This is the time of year to show your gratitude for the all the hard work your employees do throughout the year. You can show recognition on smaller and larger scales in the workplace, from sending a simple and personal thank you email, or providing holiday treats in the office (everyone loves free food), to holding incentives and giving small gifts. This allows for achievements to be noticed, encourages good work ethic, and sets an optimistic attitude for the new work year! 

Bring everyone together – Holding an out of work holiday gathering not only shows appreciation but brings your employees together in a stress-free environment. This builds positive workplace relationships and shows your employees they aren’t just a number! 

This year you may need to be a little more creative and flexible in order to keep your team COVID safe, but don’t let this detract from the Christmas cheer.

Respect employees time – Provide reasonable flexibility to work hours and recognise that employees have events and other things going on outside of work. 

Provide support – Providing extra support to employees at this time of year is extremely important! This can be through hiring extra staff to decrease the workload or simply ensuring that you listen to employees and acknowledge their problems and concerns.

By applying these handy holiday tips to motivate employees over the holiday season to your business, you can change the workplace culture to reflect this joyful time of year and maintain happy and healthy employee attitudes. So, stay motivated, remember to get festive and acknowledge hard work!


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