Tips for working productively from home

working productively from home

Working productively from home: For many Coasties, working from home has either been an option which has now significantly increased, or you have been completely thrown in the deep end and have been forced to work from home due to the corona virus pandemic. Working from home can be a joy but it can also be highly challenging, especially if it is a new arrangement for you and may also come with the added excitement of having kids in the background too.

Here are some tips for successfully and more productively working from home:

Have a work spot

Establishing a designated workspace can help tell your brain you’re in the place where you do work productively. Invest in a good desk, chair and computer that are ergonomically sound, so you’ll be comfortable working, but not so comfortable that you’ll be tempted to slack-off.

Create a “to do list’

Stay motivated by creating a “to do list” but keep it remember to keep realistic as you may also be dealing with extra things to do, like manage kids. As you create your list, think about long-term goals, like finishing a project, as well as small goals, like completing tasks that lead to that big goal. Checking off those smaller goals lets you know you’re making progress, which gives you positive reinforcement throughout your day. Write or type out your list instead of just having it in your head. You won’t have to devote headspace to constantly remembering what you must do, and the pleasure of crossing tasks off your list can help you stay motivated. Stay on-task and stay away from personal tasks.

Utilise technology and telecommunications

Whether you need to upgrade your technology, divert office phone lines or better equip your team with alternative phone options to help them to operate more smoothly, CCTS can get you sorted. Our team can assess your unique requirements and provide practical and cost- effective solutions for the time frame you require.

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Communicate regularly

Working from home might seem like a solo experience, but it usually still involves interacting with others, whether it’s meeting with your team, making decisions, or giving and receiving feedback. So, it’s important to set up effective methods for collaboration while you work remotely. Talking face to face is ideal for this, so consider videoconferencing as a solution if you don’t already have this set up.

Schedule time for exercise

Keeping active is crucial for your physical and mental health, especially during this challenging time. Taking walks or runs outside is a great way to move your body and get some fresh air. Just be sure to keep your distance between yourself and the people around you (2 metres) to the best of your ability! If you don’t feel comfortable going outside, there are many YouTube videos that offer free exercise classes etc.

Take care of yourself

Make sure you get quality sleep and eat a good breakfast, so you don’t have to stop working when the hunger pangs kick in, and schedule yourself a reasonable lunch break.  Some also find it helpful to dress as if they were going to work.  It’s not necessary to put on a suit, but something more than staying in your Pjs all day might help you feel more on-task.

Working from home takes discipline.  If you’re just starting out, it may take you a little time to find your groove, but if you follow the tips above you will hopefully find it a lot easier and even start enjoying it.  The key is to keep a good work-life balance, establish boundaries, and take care of yourself.

CCTS is here to help you work from home more productively

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working productively from home