Tips for kickstarting 2021

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The year we never thought would never end is finally over and 2021 has arrived! Time to shake of the old year and refresh our mindset by kickstarting the new one. Beginning a new year with a mindset that is positive, motivated, and enthusiastic can set up your entire year ahead, but how and where exactly do you set yourself up for success? We’ve put together some solid tips on how to kickstart 2021 and achieve your new year’s goals!

  1. Refresh your surroundings

By changing your visual settings and surroundings you are refreshing your physical environment and encouraging a new mindset! Whilst many of us have returned to the office, working from home has become the new normal for a lot of people and as a result it’s important to set up a home office that inspires productivity. The below features can assist with mental health, physical health, and motivation.

  • Comfort – investing in a proper desk chair offers back and neck support allowing you to work for longer periods of time and prevent injury.
  • Location – Move your desk to a place in your home without distraction, this will increase work efficiency. Natural light is also a good mood booster that can assist with positive mindset and healthy eyes after staring at a screen for hours.
  • Décor –Placing objects around your desk that make you happy, will allow you to carry a positive mood into your work. Plants especially provide a calm setting, reducing stress in your environment.
  • Technology – Don’t let your technology cause you frustration! Poor technology such as interrupted connections and communication lines not only waste your time, but they also produce stress and negativity. If this is the case, upgrade or change your systems so that your workflow is not interrupted for the new year. The team at CCTS can help you out with everything you need!

2. Plan

2021 is the year to plan! After a year of so many uncertainties, it seems like an impossible task, but planning doesn’t mean your plans aren’t subject to change. Planning allows you to layout your schedule and goals so that you can focus on mindfulness and ease your busy thoughts. Whether you buy a physical journal, or prefer a digital calendar, now is the time to get yourself into the habit of planning!

3.Set goals and challenges outside of work

These goals can be big or small as long as they are realistic and achievable. Having goals to focus on outside of the workplace, encourages a healthy work life balance. This not only helps to reduce tensions at work but allows you to focus on your personal development and mindset. Achieving personal goals can boost confidence and assist with achieving professional goals too!

By following our suggested 3 tips to kickstarting 2021 you can set yourself and your business up for what’s sure to be the best year yet. So, it’s time to make some changes, start planning, set those goals, and focus on you!

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