Tips for Avoiding Burnout at Work

Tips for Avoiding Burnout at Work

Do you ever find yourself feeling over worked, drained, and exhausted? You may be experiencing a work burnout! At a time when there is a hybrid of working from home and going into the office, it’s extremely easy for your work to follow you around 24/7. As a result of being constantly exposed to the pressure and anxiety of your never-ending weekly workload, this can begin to negatively affect your mood, relationships and take a toll on your mental health.

To prevent reaching this severely unhealthy point of stress on your body, we’ve put together some tips for avoiding burnout at work. These tips will help to maintain a good work life balance, positive mind set in the workplace and a more productive and enjoyable lifestyle.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is a mental condition that slowly develops as a result of work-related stress or simply being overworked. Although it isn’t medically diagnosed, the consequences can have a devastating effect mentally, physically, and socially. It can further impact the way you deal the smallest daily activities or responsibilities and it’s important to recognise if you are developing it.

Signs you are experiencing burnout.

While anyone can suffer from burnout, the workplace is a specific and common cause, the following are signs that indicate that you could be experiencing burnout.

  • Frequent illness or fatigue – long term stress can not only impact on your mental state, but it can also lower your immune system, making you susceptible to getting sick or experiencing insomnia.
  • Irritability – the stresses and anxiety caused can make you become short fused with others and day to day activities.
  • Isolation – burnout can make you feel socially overwhelmed leading to deliberate self-isolation from the people around you.
  • Mental and physical exhaustion – burnout can leave you feeling emotionally and physically worn-out, with symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches, stomach-aches, and sleeplessness.

How Can You Avoid Burnout at Work?

Preventing burnout at work begins with knowing your limits and recognising there is life outside of work. Once you have set aside time to switch off from work and bring back a healthy work-life balance, you can follow the below tips to ease work overload:


It may seem obvious but exercising and eating a balanced diet can reduce stress levels, build self-confidence, encourage positivity, and increase productivity at work and home.

Healthy sleeping habit

By practicing a healthy sleeping habit, you can provide your brain with enough rest to function at its best and prevent more serious consequences of insomnia such as, depression, lack of judgement, diabetes, and development of chronic diseases.

Talk about it!

Talking about what you are experiencing relieves internal stresses and can help to overcome difficulties you are dealing with. Firstly, talk to a family member or someone you trust about how you are feeling and make sure you are not bottling up negative emotions.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Address your issues with your employer and make them understand that you are struggling with workload or tasks at hand. Lack of communication in the workplace e.g., technology issues or engagement can lead to severe anxiety. You never know the team at CCTS might be able to help with this!

Switch off!

Set time aside outside of work for yourself! Incorporate time in your daily routine to switch off, relax and focus on mindfulness. This also includes taking time to regularly socialise with friends and family, have a laugh and enjoy life!

Prioritise your mind

By following the above tips to avoiding burnout at work, you can make self-care a priority and support a consistently positive mental state! Remember a healthy mind is the key to success in all aspects of your life!

So, take a breath, avoid burn out and enjoy living life to the fullest!

If technology is a contributing factor to feeling stressed and burnt out, the team at CCTA are here to help! Contact our friendly and experienced team on 1800-244-244