Telstra shuts down ISDN services- is your business ready?

Telstra shuts down ISDN services- is your business ready?
Telstra will commence the disconnection of copper ISDN services from the end of September this year, as the NBN rollout continues to bring business-grade networking solutions online. As part of the NBN rollout, copper ISDN services are being disconnected from September 30th, 2019. Remaining customers will be disconnected in line with the NBN rollout schedule. For customers using ISDN on Telstra Fibre, they will be transitioned onto alternative products.

What is ISDN?

ISDN is a digital network technology that carries voice and data services over the public switched telephone network.

What does ISDN disconnection mean for business?

ISDN lines will soon be ceasing completely.  For some premises this will occur in a matter of months. For others, the enforced disconnection date could be further away with the entire network shut down by 2022. CCTS is advising customers to prepare for the shutdown of ISDN well before the predicted disconnection date in their area. In most cases, it makes sense to replace ISDN lines when the premises become NBN-ready, and at the same time as migrating any lines to NBN. This ensures your business does not get caught in the bottleneck that is coming due to many premises leaving their transition until the last minute. It also minimises the chance of disruption or downtime to your business.

CCTS can help with your transition

Do you currently have ISDN? CCTS can help you to transition smoothly. CCTS has a proven track record in helping business increase productivity, decrease downtime and boost profits by providing them with high quality IT and telecommunications solutions. And we can do the same for your organisation. If you’re serious about the growth of your business, you need powerful technology to make it happen. Let CCTS show you how it’s possible. Contact us to today to discuss the best solution for your business, call 1800-244-244 Or E-mail: