Video Conferencing

Benefits of video conferencing

  • Reduced business costs such as travel
  • Increase the range of contacts that can be communicated with
  • Full High Definition (HD) bridging bringing multiple parties to single points
  • Mobile integration to devices of your choice
  • Custom design of video conferencing equipment to match desired business outcomes
  • Improve your organisations environmental footprint
  • Make presentations to anywhere across the globe without leaving your office

Video Conferencing for Medical Practitioners

The advancement of IP-based videoconferencing has helped to grow the concept of telemedicine and telehealth. Increasingly, patients and health professionals are seeing the opportunities in using videoconferencing in order to conduct virtual appointments and remotely monitor a patient’s progress. In a perfect world, healthcare is best delivered face to face, doctor to patient.

Unfortunately, some patients can be in remote areas, far from the nearest health care provider and particularly from specialist care. CCTS can provide video conferencing solutions utilising providers such as Lifesize, and in conjunction with Telehealth which enables doctors to hold consultations with patients from wherever they may be without the need for travel. With HD video, physicians can be virtually connected with patients, using technology to look into an ear canal, view an X-ray or virtually examine a patient to provide a diagnosis in real time from a computer, tablet or even a mobile device.

In business today, organisations may have employees working from home, travelling or even in remote locations all over the world. It can be a challenge to ensure excellent communication when employees are so spread out.

Video conferencing can provide solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that help them grow by improving their ability to communicate.

Recent innovations such as cloud-based solutions and virtualized infrastructure make deploying video conferencing easier and more affordable than ever before. In many small and medium-sized businesses, staff members may not all live in one city or work at a single location. CCTS can deliver a video conferencing solution to suit your business no matter where your employees or customers are.

CCTS can provide a solution with specific benefits for Medical Practitioners such as –

  • Consultations by medical doctors can be held without the need for patient to leave home, using audio, video and data to diagnose and develop treatment plans.
  • Chronic disease management including on-going treatment plans and consultations between patients and multi-disciplinary practitioners.
  • Remote patient monitoring including checking vital statistics.
  • Instant access for medical consultations for emergencies.
  • Medical education and seminars for practitioners in remote locations.

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