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Unlike most major Telco’s, CCTS are able to provide your business with new line connections or even convert your existing lines to a new provider for a better rate.

We are able to do this by leveraging multiple suppliers, ensuring your business is not paying more than you need to. We are also able to install the new lines in to your phone system with our fully qualified, friendly technicians.

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CCTS provide several different types of line services that can be used with most phone systems, these include;

PSTN – These are analog lines which are most commonly used in residential and small to medium business. Most businesses have multiple PSTN lines which allow incoming and outgoing calls. They have limited features and usually provide services such as supporting ADSL, back to base alarms, eftpos & faxing. If you have multiple PSTN lines CCTS can set-up what’s called a line hunt group, which allows a business to advertise their main number and if that line is busy the call will automatically flow over to find the next available line. A missed call could be lost business.

ISDN – This is a digital service that enables multiple phone calls on the one line. This service is ideal for all businesses big and small. Whether your business has a high phone usage both incoming and outgoing and is looking for great rates or is after the advanced features of the service such as having the ability to transfer externally from your business to other businesses and mobiles. Maybe you’re simply after “Direct In Dials” which allows external calls to go directly to an internal extension bypassing the main advertised line and freeing up the reception. ISDN provides all of these features and more.

Let CCTS show you how to maximize your business

By utilising the right line services and phone system features to increase your business revenue and staff productivity.

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