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With the speed of changes in communications technology, before you invest in a traditional telephone system, consider the advantages of a Hosted or Virtual PABX.

CCTS has been delivering telecommunications solutions for over 30 years and we are more than happy to assist you to determine whether a PABX or cloud solution telephone system will best meet your business needs, for both now and in the future. 

Let CCTS explain the technical jargon around a telephone system to best suit your current and future needs:

  • A Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a private phone system designed for use in your business and leased or owned by you.
  • A Telephone system can refer to premise-based, hosted, cloud, virtual or even hybrid
  • A premise-based PABX is located on the premises of the company that uses the PABX and can utilise traditional telephone cabling and your LAN cabling and network hardware.
  • A hosted PABX shifts your phone and communications infrastructure over to a trusted VOIP provider at another location – instead of individual phone extensions, each phone is replaced with a VOIP desk phone using existing data network but does so over the company’s LAN or WAN data network
  • A cloud PABX is a business phone system that is hosted entirely on servers in off-site data centres and powered over the internet – where the provider hosts software, hardware and maintains your phone system, your business connects to their network
  • A Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) PABX is a business telephone system that provides services like a standard PABX, but does so over the company’s LAN or WAN data network and utilises both proprietary VOIP handsets, SIP handsets and SIP lines to connect to the public network rather than through the networks used by the traditional PSTN.
  • Virtual PABX is a budget-friendly form of hosted VOIP that usually only handles inbound calls, and typically intended for small business customers with few than 10 employees and low-volume telephone traffic

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