Service and support- what questions to ask when choosing a communications supplier

Service and support

Communications and technology are a vital element for any business, and with multiple options and providers out there, it can be a challenge deciphering what is the best service and support solution for your needs.

In this blog article, we cover certain aspects that you should consider when selecting the right service provider for your business.

Service and support- what questions to ask when choosing a communications supplier:

How reliable are they?

Is the communications provider reliable? Are they able to help you grow your business? Even a small disconnect or glitch can cause you a significant loss to your business so it is important to make sure that you are covered, and that your provider has the ability to restore the service swiftly with minimal impact to the business.

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Do they offer what you actually need?

It’s important to check what services and support structure is provided by the communications provider. Do they provide the range of services you need and the level of support that will keep you operational? Or are they just trying to upsell you what you don’t even need?

Do your research and select a provider who can tick your boxes and be there for you 24/7!

Will they get to know your business?

Most people and their business don’t want to just be treated like another number. Unfortunately however some large companies can’t really avoid this. No matter what size your business is we will take the time to get to know you, your team and your business personally, we believe this is integral to success. Our Technicians will become familiar with all aspects of your systems, conduct ongoing maintenance where appropriate and react quickly if problems do occur.

Do they offer local support?

At CCTS, we often get clients saying to us that it is a huge relief to have local support that they can count on when they need it. It is advised to ensure that your communications provider has a high quality local support functionality that you can access when you need it and that you can easily communicate with them in a manner that you understand and is useful to you and your business.

Will they provide references?

It’s always a good idea to get references, check with other customers of the provider and enquire about their level of customer service. Are they solving any issues effectively, are they responsive etc. A provider with great customer service who can solve your problems quickly, treat you with respect and communicate effectively should be a big plus when considering a suitable communications provider.

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Are they providing cost effective and scalable support?

Check if the provider is offering comprehensive support as per your business requirements. You need to think of long- term profitability when considering a provider. Your provider should help you protect your existing customer base and support you in creating additional revenue streams and with expansion.

Are they flexible and agile?

You need to ensure that your provider is flexible and agile enough to handle future growth and any changes within your business. They need to be able to help you grow seamlessly with minimal stress.

Are personal relationships important?

Now more than ever having an actual person to talk to is so valuable. At CCTS our people are here for you, we answer the phones, we deal with any queries and tackle any challenges that come up. We have your back and consider your business success our business success. We value customer loyalty and we reward this. Did you know we offer unlimited support for our clients?

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