Reliance Health Project

Recently, CCTS IT Solutions assisted Reliance Health with the opening of their new medical facility in Wyong on the NSW Central Coast. CCTS was asked to design and implement an efficient and cost-effective solution that was able to meet all the needs of the facility now and have the flexibility to expand with the clinic’s growth.

CCTS IT Solutions consulted on the overall technical layout of the facility with another long term client, North Construction. CCTS IT Solutions, along with Reliance and North Construction worked together to design the best possible network layout to ensure all future technical expansion was available and accounted for.

Both the server and network infrastructure were designed in a way that allowed the Wyong clinic to utilise the Reliance GP Super Clinic in Gosford to ensure all the latest patient information was accessible from both sites. This was a major requirement for Reliance Health to ensure their doctors had the most current patient information making sure the best possible care is taken for all patients. This meant that a full IT&T fitout was required, including everything from physical and virtual servers to firewall routers, data switches, backup and disaster recovery solution as well as network infrastructure to connect the sites securely. The latest HP Server hardware overlayed with VMware, an enterprise-grade server virtualization software and coupled with the latest Microsoft Server-based operating systems were installed to create a premier IT environment that is both highly available and efficient.

CCTS IT Solutions installed the latest HP desktops hardware with dual monitors throughout the clinic as well as printers courtesy of the local print company : Sharp DS – an associate that [company_short] has worked closely with on multiple projects. On top of that, a new Hosted PABX was also implemented that links to the Gosford GP Super Clinic which allows for seamless and effective communication between both sites. Prior to the grand opening, the project had been completed on time, within budget and thoroughly tested afterwards.