Questions to ask when choosing the right IT management services provider for your business

Questions to ask when choosing the right IT management services provider for your business

There are plenty of good reasons for outsourcing IT managed support to a service provider but doing so comes with inherent risk. A lot is at stake when it comes to IT management, especially around security practices, business continuity and disaster recovery, supporting a mobile workforce and more. After all, your IT operation is the backbone of your business. It is therefore most important to carefully evaluate potential service providers to ensure you find the most suitable fit for your business.

Below is a list of questions to ask your IT managed service provider to assist with selection.

What is the team like?

You need to meet with the staff and get to know them. Ask who will be your account representative and have a talk with them to see if you click. They should be competent, dedicated to solving problems, and responsive. A provider your people can comfortably talk with has a good chance of providing the results you need. One which is unresponsive or defensive will be a constant problem.

Who are their partners?

No service provider can do everything by itself. One that has high-quality partners to call on for specialised tasks will get you through tough situations better. Their connections are also a sign that other tech businesses take them seriously and can work collaboratively with them.

How do they support customers?

Find out how the potential managed IT services provider manages supporting their customers. Do they use a ticketing system? How fast are their response times, how do they communicate with customers? These are all imperative factors to consider.

Will they help build your business strategy?

If you want the managed service provider to be a partner in building the IT aspects of your business, you should investigate how well they have done this with other customers. Do they have success stories they can share with you?

How will they improve your company’s efficiency?

You want more than a “break-fix” service; if that’s all they do, it’s not managed services. You need to know what kind of help they can offer for long-term improvements in your technology. Your provider should anticipate and prevent problems so that you have fewer crises and less downtime.

How can they reduce your company’s workload?

The right answer to this question depends on your expectations and willingness to pay for them and the value you receive. What tasks do you want the provider to take over? Will it be a replacement for your helpdesk? Will it provide full network maintenance, or will your in-house staff retain important responsibilities? There’s no one right answer, but there’s a right answer for you.

How will they reduce your costs?

The bottom line is that results with the managed service provider should cost less than doing it unassisted. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending less money. If what you pay them comes back and then more in your ROI, that’s a saving. Ultimately, results are measured in money.

Are they able to scale?

If you have big plans for growth and expansion, you need a provider that can keep up. A provider that can look after your needs now and in the future and can deal with the various challenges that may arise along the way.

Do they have references?

A managed service provider can claim whatever it likes. You need to talk to their actual customers and find out whether they deliver on what they claim. If you can’t, that’s a disturbing indicator. Asking for customer references and finding out about their experience with the provider is a valuable part of the selection process.

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