Free Network Audit

CCTS IT Solutions offers new clients a free network audit of their current IT infrastructure.

This is a NO obligation free audit which should take no longer than hour to perform and will not interfere with the current IT working environment or cause any issues with logged on users.

The purpose of the audit is to help current businesses understand weak points in their IT network and show ways in which these weak points can be resolved.
One of the most common mistakes made by the SME Market is not investing in business grade backup and disaster recovery hardware and software.

There a few quick questions all businesses should ask themselves

  • How much, on average, is your business worth every working day?
  • What is your acceptable downtime? How long can your network / server be done for before you and your business start losing money?
  • What is your acceptable data loss? How much information can you afford to loss before it start to really impact the business and staff work levels?

We can provide help in answering these questions as well as showing you ways to combat downtime and data loss as well as much more during the IT Audit.
As a bonus, if you take us up on our Free Network Audit and then decide you like what you hear by signing up on one of our IT Support Maintenance agreements, we will waive the cost of the first month of the agreement, potentially saving hundreds of dollars and obtaining free it support for the month. Conditions Apply

For more information or to book in an Audit please call 1800 244 244
or email