How CCTS can support you during COVID-19

CCTS can support

CCTS are pleased to confirm that we are still open for business and are taking all measures to ensure the health and safety of our team and our customers during this challenging time.

We understand that like most of the Central Coast community, your world has probably been turned upside down and you are trying to juggle work, kids at home and more.

While we unfortunately can’t take care of the kids at home part (sorry!), the team at CCTS are here to support you and your business. Here are just some ways that we might be able to help you:

Whether you need to divert office phone lines or better equip your team with alternative phone options to help them to operate more smoothly, we can get you sorted. Our team can assess your unique requirements and provide practical and cost- effective solutions for the time frame you require.

How CCTS can support you during COVID-19 and keep your team connected and operating effectively:

Softphone Applications: which simply means instead of using physical desk phones, your team can communicate via apps on their computers or mobiles phones.

Remote Desk Phones: A range of handsets can easily be taken to a remote location and connect back to your main system via a simple internet connection — i.e. they are not restricted to your physical office.

Forwarding Calls to Your Mobile(s): If inbound calls are your key concern, forwarding your handset and/or inbound phone number(s) to your mobile phone may be an option.

Implementing a Hosted Cloud Solutions: in some unique situations, moving to a hosted phone system may provide benefits not just today, but well after the coronavirus.

Video conferencing: CCTS can deliver a video conferencing solution to suit your business no matter where your employees or customers are.

View more information on video conferencing here

Technical support: our support line, 1800-244-244 continues to operate as usual for all your telecommunications and IT service and support needs. Please be aware that currently as a number of our customers are preparing and booking technical support, call wait times may be slightly longer.

Our business is to help you to continue running your business smoothly, effectively and efficiently, so please do not hesitate to reach out today to find out how we can help.

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