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7 Reasons why you should choose a local telecommunications partner

Are you looking to improve your business performance or efficiency?

Are you relocating or expanding?

Our highly experienced, professional and friendly team are offering FREE Telecommunications Health Check for local businesses.

We understand the challenges that come with managing a business and we want to help you to get the most from your telecommunications solution for 2020.

CCTS is here to help your business whether you are looking to grow, relocate or improve performance and efficiency. The team at CCTS Telecommunications is pleased to be able to offer Central Coast businesses a complimentary personalised Telecoms Health Check!

Below are some key questions to consider for your business to get you started:

 Are you happy with phone and data network?

• Are you paying for additional services, lines that you do not use?

• Are you happy with your network service and speed?

• Are you experiencing outages that inconvenience customers & staff?

What are your pain points?

  • Too costly
  • Not doing what we need it to do
  • Not integrating properly
  • Not adding value to your business

For advice on these questions or others please contact CCTS Telecommunications for a FREE Health check!

Why Choose CCTS Telecommunications:

• Locally run and operated business who choose to support other local businesses • Fully independent and not tied to an operator

• Experience of over 30 years in the telecoms sector

• Service driven approach where honesty and transparency paramount

• Utilises the latest technology, innovation and services to help future proof your business

• Genuine value delivered through your telecommunications solutions

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