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With security top of mind in emergency situations, CCTS has been delivering solutions for over 30 years and we are more than happy to assist you to with any Public Address System, Intercoms & paging requirements, that will best meet your business needs, for both now and in the future. 

Complimentary Bell Systems/ Audio Systems health check

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity for our highly experienced Sales Technician to come onsite to check that all components of your bell system are functioning properly and are operational. 

  • Does your system meet all your security needs?
  • Is your system in good working order, have parts deteriorated?
  • Does your sound system crackle?
  • Are there additional features you would like from your bell system?   
  • Do you need to expand the system?

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What your Bell/ Audio announce system health check will include:

  • Testing functionality of existing speaker/horn components and associated cabling.
  • Coverage and dispersion mapping of existing speaker elements to all required areas
  • System design and optimisation of all components including interfacing of microphones, media players and pre-recorded messages. 
  • Recommendations on extending existing system or installation of new system. 
  • Integration of separate existing systems for emergency announce and back up audio announce systems.
  • Incorporation of other voice/audio system including VIOP or networked audio. 

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