IT challenges for healthcare providers and how to combat them

IT challenges for healthcare providers and how to combat them

Running a healthcare practice is a big job and the last thing you want to have to deal with is IT issues. However, technology and IT play an integral role in the effective functioning of your business and can essentially make or break how successful your practice is. At CCTS IT Solutions we have significant experience in managing clients within the healthcare sector and understand the common challenges faced by practices. We provide expert IT for healthcare.

Below we have compiled a list of IT challenges and how to combat them for your practice:

Minimising downtime

Obviously being able to properly service patients and bill is a high priority for optimal practice functionality which is why minimum downtime is required. By getting a risk assessment, regularly backing up and possibly using an IT expert are all ways to combat this challenge. Read more about minimising down time here (link to blog)

Lack of knowledge, expertise or time

This is a big one and majority of our clients who are in the healthcare sector experience one or all of these at some point. This is why it may be useful to consider selecting a trusted IT support partner who can take care of your IT needs while you are able to focus on running the practice.

Read more about the ‘benefits of having a managed IT solution’ here (link)

Being safe and secure

By law, patient medical records and health information must be kept safe and private by all medical and healthcare professionals, and all healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and clinics.

With patient privacy being a hot topic, ensuring your IT is all secure and safe is a common challenge for healthcare providers. It is important to develop a comprehensive policy surrounding this and regularly communicating this policy to both patients and staff. Make sure all confidential information is stored within secure systems and that you implement best practice IT security policies.

Investing in the right technology

Choosing the right practice and clinical management platform today is one of your key success factors. Clinicians and practices should be focused on technology that is designed to empower them and their care team to be more efficient and productive.

Making it easy for patients

As more players enter the healthcare space, patient experience is one of the main competitive advantages your practice can offer. Technology and IT supporting this is therefore crucial, patients want the entire process to be easy and seamless from booking an appointment, checking in to reminders and follow up. Identifying the right systems and software to make this happen is therefore key.

Not stressing out or wasting time for your team

For your many of your team members, IT is probably a scary area are of the business that they know little about and are afraid they are going to break something if they get involved. Most practices have limited resources and time and they don’t want their staff getting confused or worried by IT issues. Outsourcing IT support can help your business stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions and problem solving.

Are you a healthcare provider needing IT support for your business? The friendly and approachable team at CCTS IT Solutions are experts in the healthcare arena and are currently servicing a number of large and smaller sized practices. To discuss further, please contact us today on 1800-244-244.

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