7 Reasons why you should choose a local telecommunications partner

7 Reasons why you should choose a local telecommunications partner

In Australia, and on the Central Coast in particular, small business is big business. Local small businesses are more genuinely committed to supporting other smaller businesses in their own region and helping them to succeed and grow. CCTS IT & Telecommunications services SMEs along the NSW Central Coast as well as the Sydney and Newcastle region. Their ongoing success has come from an ability to adapt to the ever-changing telecommunications market and making sure they are well versed in the latest technology available. Staying at the forefront of telecommunications means CCTS can provide clients with a wide range of options to suit not only their budget but also their business size, complexity and required functionality. Many Australian small businesses are not even aware that smaller Telcos servicing their areas exist, see below 7 Reasons why you should choose a local telecommunications business partner.

  1. Understand your needs

Large businesses who aren’t locally based usually don’t really get small business. They don’t know how much just a few hours of downtime can affect business operations. Small businesses recognise this and do all in their power to support their clients to minimise and avoid this from impacting upon their business operations.

  1. Less red tape

With big businesses there is only a limited ability for workers to assist customers due to red tape associated with large businesses. Staff within large companies are required to work within the system and follow tedious and often unnecessary protocols which can lead to an unsatisfactory experience.

  1. Better customer service

Most of us at one time or another has been on hold with one of the big telco contact centres and these contact centre staff are often either ill-equipped to handle queries and outages adequately or are not invested in ensuring that the customer has the best experience. Smaller businesses such as local provider CCTS, are constantly working to enhance customer service skills and response times to ensure every experience is the best possible for the client.

  1. Customise for your business

The larger main providers offer most businesses the same deals, regardless of their individual needs, and offer only limited and generic products. Smaller businesses can take the time to get to know your business and its unique requirements and tailor accordingly.

  1. Care about your business

Another advantage of choosing a local, smaller businesses is the fact that they are not driven solely by shareholder profits, this allows them to stay true to the primary value of delivering stellar customer service for their clients and fostering long term relationships with them.

  1. Supporting the community

Smaller businesses are also able to actively support their local community in ways they wish. CCTS for example, is currently supporting a variety of local sporting clubs including Central Coast Mariners Football Club and Terrigal Trojans Rugby Club.  

  1. You can focus on running your business

CCTS believe in making it easy for clients to deal with their telecommunication service provider so you can spend your time doing what you do best, running your business. We want to save you time and money and enable your business to be more productive. So, the next time you’re not happy with your business internet or phone service, instead of complaining about the large Telcos and continuing to use their service begrudgingly, give the local small telco a chance – you may be pleasantly surprised. To schedule a consultation with a CCTS Telecommunications representative, please call 1800-244-244 www.ccts.com.au. Your local telecommunications partner