6 Ways to prevent downtime this holiday season

6 Ways to prevent downtime this holiday season

In an era of digital connectivity and data dependency, continuous access has never been more critical for Australian small businesses. Yet, many businesses across the Central Coast region and beyond are still unprepared when it comes to prevent downtime. Downtime can cost your business significantly and it is directly proportional to decreased productivity.

There are many reasons that may result in unplanned downtime, including network outages, infrastructure failure, server outage, and more. Regardless, most of the issues that you experience can be resolved with ease. In addition to this, if you consider upgrading your technology, you can prevent outages from happening regularly. Downtime due to IT problems is a serious issue that is inconvenient for your business and most troublesome for your customers.

What is downtime?

Downtime occurs whenever a given system (application, server, network) cannot be accessed or used for its intended purpose.

6 Ways to prevent downtime this holiday season

  1. Get a risk assessment

There’s nothing sexy about it, but a risk assessment or audit is the fastest and most effective way you can reduce downtime in the future. Knowing your support networks and equipment availability can mean the difference between a few hours or much longer in a downtime event.

A risk audit will highlight problems and solutions so that if you do go down, you’re better prepared. Book a FREE risk assessment with the CCTS team now, call 1800-244-244.

  1. Be proactive

All in all, it is encouraged to take a proactive approach to ensure minimum downtime for businesses. This way, you can determine the problem beforehand as well as save valuable time and money. Many businesses also prefer to outsource IT maintenance so that an external team can take care of your IT needs, ensuring minimum downtime while you are focused on key areas.


    3. Back up

Backing up your business’s data and website may help you recover what you could lose in the event of downtime. It is essential that you regularly back up your important data and information, from financial records and business plans to customer records and personal information. This will lessen the damage if downtime does occur. Fortunately, backing up your data is generally cost-effective and easy. View more information on disaster recovery HERE


  1. Utilise experts for IT support

Your best course of action is to ally with a group of professional IT specialists who can work to prevent downtime from happening in the first place. It is important to be well prepared in the case of a downtime disruption. The team at CCTS IT Solutions are here to help you get this sorted and help you to put in place all precautions to help prevent downtime from affecting your business. Contact the team today to schedule a complimentary consultation, call 1800-244-244 or email contactus@ccts.com.au.


  1. Voice and email communication

During the first few hours of a disaster or outage, communication is key. Implement a system that outlines responsibilities for resources and requires minimal notice or explanation. Consider backing up your points of connectivity for uninterrupted communication lines and data.


  1. Inform your team

Speak with all employees and external contractors who are involved in keeping the network running. This will help uncover what systems are most important to the business and need to be maintained during an outage or disaster. Once you have a plan, you then need to ensure this is communicated to your employees and that they understand what is in place when it comes to dealing with downtime and what is expected from them.

Unplanned downtime is never good for a business. It is important that businesses have different plans to tackle such situations.

Whether you operate in a company of one employee or one hundred, it has never been more important for small businesses to prepare and protect critical infrastructure and become resilient in a time of unexpected downtime.

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